Cooking without Refrigeration

I had just about decided that vegetarian meals or canned meat were the only choices on the voyage since I will not have any refrigeration … until I started reading some of the “survivalist” blogs. I found his little nugget of questionable  wisdom.

Here’s what we do, out in the country; we buy a little meat when we go in to town, use it immediately. Sometimes, if it’s a bigger cut like a pot roast, we keep it for 3 or 4 days- cooked on day one, and re-heated whenever eaten- then carefully simmered with the tight top on the pot. And we’re very careful NEVER to open the pot- until ready to re-heat. It’s just like sterilizing a petri-dish, or hospital equipment- heat it, keep it closed, it stays sterile. Soups- same thing.  This advice was from the littlebloginthebigwoods.

I can see this is temperate climates, but in the middle of the dessert it seems dicey. And the possible consequences far outweigh any need to eat meat. I have no budget for meals on the road, however, If there is a serious craving I will chalk it up to groceries , go to MacDonalds and hope the budget works out.

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