Food and Money

I have been thinking about applying for what used to be called “food stamps”. I will have an income of $514/mo. According to the Colorado health website that means I qualify. However …

You are supposed to work your way out of food stamp necessity. I have no intention of getting a job. This would be false pretenses.  Moral quandaries are popping up all over.

Can I use the Colorado card in Utah? No answers that I can find.  Yes, I can use it all over the US, thanks to bindi at the VandWellers forum. That eases my mind. That would enable me to drink good coffee. I cannot get use to Folgers. I am such a coffee snob. That is so sad.

For identification they want all of the usual, including utility bills. I will have none, only  the address of a local UPS store. Hmm. I wonder if pulling the “homeless” card will get me the food stamps?
What will I be prohibited from buying with food stamps?

You CANNOT  use SNAP Benefits to buy beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco; any nonfood items, such as pet foods, soaps, paper products and household supplies; vitamins and medicines; food that will be eaten in the store; and hot foods.

Please notice that coffee is not mentioned. How uncomfortable will I feel buying the most expensive coffee with food stamps? I know. It is called SNAP, and it is an EBT card. It is still food stamps to me.

I will try not to use the EBT card/ food stamps at all. I will think hard about getting them. I think I can exist without them. But if down the road I find that I need them I will have to return to Colorado to get them/it.

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