Second Thoughts


The bed is 26″ and the opposing shelf was meant to be 16″ which would give me  a 16″ “walkway”. I let the tailgate down and laid out bungee cords in the shape of the construction plans. That does not work. Now the measurements are 26″ for the bed and 10″ for the shelf. I am still happy with the bed and shelves having 17″ of room underneath. So far.


While I was laying the bungee cords out I noticed that the storage room was not as large as I had supposed. I was planning on three milk crates for a kitchen plus a stove plus a twenty pound propane tank. I wrung my hands in agony and gave up one of the milk crates. This really is heading to a minimalist lifestyle. Salt and pepper only?


While looking at space and storage, I acted out setting up camp.

Woops. The first thing I went to do was to put up the tarp, but I couldn’t reach the inside of the  imaginary basket rack on top of imaginary rails on top of the imaginary highest topper I could get. I needed a ladder. Never thought of that. Where to carry the ladder?

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