Solutions Lost and Found

Solved  … almost


Covering the windows in the shell, for insulation and privacy,  was a major concern.  I am happy with the felt solution.  The felt solution works for cold and sun. (But what about the nights when a breeze would be necessary?  Do I need to think about the truck cab windows and windshield? )


a 900 lumen LED flashlight,  carbon monoxide and natural gas alarm, fire extinguishers, trickle charger for starting battery, come-along, chains, fix a flat kit, battery monitor,  shovel.


5 five gallon water containers with 2 one gallon containers will keep me hydrated, caffinated  and clean for two weeks. (How awkward will it be to extricate the 5 gallon  container and pour exactly 1 gallon into the  1 gallon container?)


 The Leer 122.  Make sure the installers glue the foam onto the shell, not the rails. (Still haven’t decided. Am now leaning towards a A.R.E. commercial, aluminum wedge shell. Who knows?)


 Two milk crates, a 2 burner propane stove (Really, chef, can’t you make do with just 1 burner?),  a 20 lb propane tank (Really, chef, can’t you make do with just a 11 lb propane tank?).

Still no solution


Go for the $2,000 real solar set-up ?  LiFePO4 batteries? AGM batteries? Golf cart array of batteries? Go with just a trickle charger for the starting battery? Go with the all-in-one solution of  Goal Zero Yeti Sola​r Gene​rator Kit  for $650? What do I need to charge?

Cab Set Up

This is a precious piece of real estate. How does this area get set up? It needs to be neat.
Is the passenger seat area where I will have to set up the charging station for the electronics? The charging has to be done while driving. Not great to have all of the electronics  and the set-up visible from the windows.
If I remove the bench seat behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats will that help in any way? Heavy things should go there … near the truck’s center of gravity. How about some water and books? Tools?


Do I want a phone with me? Do I want a computer to connect out in the boonies? I do want the radio.  How much connectivity do I require for this journey? Never have travelled with a phone or a computer. Why do I think I need them now?

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