How Do I …. ?


How do I attach shelving to the inside of the shell? It will be lined, for a bit of insulation and condensation mitigation. How strong is Velcro? How do I attach the smooth side of the Velcro to the shell liner? How can I attach hanging things from the ceiling? If I do not have a rack on top I will need to store the tarp, poles, rake, umbrella and any other long skinny thing. Seems like the ceiling is the place. But how?


The floor is another item to think about. It has ribs running lengthways up and down the bed. It is a bed liner. That ribbing makes it hard to pull anything out from underneath the bed/shelf and is cold on bare feet. Will the bed and shelf frames have a bottom piece of plywood? That reduces the storage space, but makes the construction of the bed and shelf very sturdy.  Then put a runner rug in the middle? How do  the items stored underneath the bed and shelves keep from sliding out while driving?


I still have not given any thought to clothes storage. Some stuff I want very handy (raincoat, warm hat, vest, sweater).  I know that staying warm is a lot easier than getting warm. I know that it gets very chilly in the desert at night. I know that it can get over 100 degrees in the day. I need a good shade hat. That and a great umbrella are on the “Clothing Essentials” list. How do I store the two levels of clothing?


I have found, as I get older, that  getting up in the night to pee is becoming a common occurrence. Camping out in the back of the truck, recently, I had to crawl out, pee, crawl back in, and not get warm until morning. Where to keep the toilet paper? What to pee in?  Many women use a large yogurt container.  I think that a mason jar might work for me since I have accidentally popped the top off yogurt containers. How do I dispose of both kinds of bathroom waste?

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