Inclement Weather

Snow in Woody Creek, CO

Sudden Dumping of Snow

What will make me tear down the campsite quickly and move? Moving every 14 days is a snap. Moving in an hour could be problematic.
How long will it take between “I should move.” and driving away? That will be a good event to practice at the shake down spot. All will get faster with doing it.  The less I unpack, the quicker to pack back up. The timing will be a handy thing to know if a big sudden storm is coming or I get too cold to stay in that spot one minute more.

Where I am camped does the radio pick up NOAA?

For some unknown reason I am very nervous around slot canyons in the desert. A rain storm could be happening out of sight sending a wall of water through the slot.

Maybe I just need to be cautious where I park.

And hardly unpack anything.

And practice.


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