More No Fridge Hints

This first hint (put it into a cold stream) is not too helpful in the desert. Maybe a bucket with wet sand in the shade? How far will I go to have bacon?

Bacon only needs to be cool to last. Lots of salt and preservatives! I have used a 5 gal bucket, weighted and braced with rocks to keep eggs, milk, butter in a stream. Does not have to be submerged. Hoping bears don’t come by!  Fried potatoes with onion, eggs, bacon is a great breakfast!
P.S. Boiled eggs are not my favorite, but will keep a long time in pickle juice (or probably salt water) without refrigeration.  from oldnjung on the cheaprvliving forum


I tried pickling eggs, but they turned out soft boiled, so I had breakfast. I will try again next week.

I have a small bag of butter powder in my stockpile but never used it. It’s pricey, and I have never refrigerated butter….I have never had butter go rancid on me….I keep it in a little Tupperware container with a tight lid so it doesn’t spill in real hot weather. from twokniveskatie on the same forum

I love butter. I was thinking that ghee would be my only option. I love ghee, but darn expensive stuff. I will try the tupperware container for butter on the journey. Even if the butter “goes bad” it tastes like a cheese. I probably will love that, too.

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