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Can’t Help Myself

I know that I wasn’t going to update the blog for awhile, but this post on the grabbed my attention. Sometimes being on the road costs more than anticipated. I have toyed with the idea of working at KOAs or campgraounds. These hints from CamperVan_Man sounded doable. One even sounds like fun.

Hints for work from CamperVan_Man

Check out the temp agencies and/or the day labor places in your area,

In many area’s they can give you as many hours of work per week as you want. When I got back to Seattle, I didn’t have anything scheduled and was feeling a little bored, so I went into a temp agency, and they immediately sent me out to fill in for someone on vacation at an RV sales & service lot. No experience necessary, just answer the phones, and wait on customers if everyone else was busy. $1,000 week for 2 weeks.

Things were pretty dead in the sales office, so by my choice, I went out and helped in the shop too, but that wasn’t required or expected of me.

Personally, I like the jobs that are either vacation relief or out sick relief, because it’s usually easy work and they really don’t expect much more than a warm body to fill in if they get busy. The regulars will handle most of the workload for their absent comrade. If it’s a sales job, which I love, the old timers will tell you that you’re on the bottom of the list since you’re new, so the only time you need to do anything is in the rare event that everybody else is busy.

Trade shows are good too, you just go and smile and hand out fliers and brochures. Even standing on a corner waving a sign, or wearing a silly costume, or taking some sort of poll usually pays $10/hr. Most of those types are at the day labor places.

There’s lots of harder work available too, but it usually doesn’t pay any better…

Spring break is just about here, so you might get a carnival job, running the games are fun and you can make a LOT of money. Some of them will pay a commission on top of wages as an incentive to get you to bring in more customers/money. Running the old softball toss into a wooden laundry basket, I made over $11,000 for a weeks work. That was my 20% commission, and all I did was stand there and take people’s money and hand them 3 softball’s. It was 17 hour days for 10 days straight, but I made more than some people make in a year.

I love the idea of the carnival job.

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