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Since it is nearly the start of the season, you might consider looking for work at Rennaissance Faires. While many are small, one or two weekend affairs, there are several from coast to coast that run for 1-2 months at a go. You want to work for a vendor to make $$, ale houses being the most lucrative, but might have to start as general staff. The nice thing is that even though the work is mostly on weekends, many times you will be able to camp for the entire run at low or no cost with access to free bathrooms, hot showers and sometimes even electricity to charge your house batteries. The hours mean that you can get another job on weekdays, if you like. Once you have some experience, it will be pretty easy to land a job at just about any Faire.

I worked the CA/LV circuit for about 12 years in my youth, and if you can handle the crazy, it’s about the most fun you can have and still call it work.

This quote came from from Unchained
Another job idea

I work at a campground in the Poconos and work 20 to 30 hours a week in the summer season. Pay is $8 an hour here. Rent is $37 a week and your first $50 in electric is free. Cable, water, and Wifi are also free. If you don’t mind housekeeping it will be easier to find a position. The work is easy and the people are friendly. The workampers become like a family and we frequently have potlucks and go out together. Check out Workcampers news or go to the KOA website and click on workampers. There is a yearly fee but I can’t count how many jobs I was offered after just one season.

If Alaska is on your mind take a look at these positions:

And there is the government …

This is the link to the big gov volunteer site This has all of the federal and state volunteer opportunities.

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