Metal Detecting while Camping

Fisher Gold Bug Metal DetectorI am a fool for gem/mineral/meteorite collecting. Perhaps doing more “serious” detecting might pay for itself and keep me out of trouble.  (This is me talking me into spending money.)

I am most intent on meteorites. I am heading out into a desert area to look for them.  I will walk with my eyes peeled, looking for dark on a bed of light colored sand, but a detector would be like x-ray vision and I would ‘see’ 4″ deep in the sand. Nearby  this area of desert is a tiny dirt road over a pass  called “Death Canyon Road”. What would a metal detector find on the sides of this road?  I doubt anyone has been there with a detector. Ooh. I am already getting excited.

It is legal to do metal detecting on BLM land and Forest Service land. And that is where I will be most of the time. The only caveat is that there is no removal of “artifacts”.  But how cool would it be to find artifacts and report the findings!

The detector I picked out (the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector) and the stuff to go with it will cost ~$500. That is why it is on the “Extreme Luxury” Amazon wish list. This model is on the lower middle range, (dollar and ability-wise) but will do the job for gold and meteorites and coins and “artifacts”.

Oh, how much fun it would be to learn this toy.

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