Minimalist Truck Camping Kitchen

I keep going through the boxes of kitchen equipment and victuals. The decisions are agonizing at times.

Take a Royal Dalton tea-cup and saucer?

I have a set of Royal Dalton dishes from 1967. Take 1? I have a plastic mug from 1980 that has been with me on all of my travels. It is pretty beat up and very thoroughly stained. Does it go or stay?  Gotta stay. So many memories being left behind. Fresh memories to come.

I have  stainless steel cups from India.

Indian Steel Cups

Indian Steel Cups

1 or 2 to go? I can do coffee in those, I can wash my hair and body with one. They are very tough, have many uses, and I use them every day.

Do I take any measuring utensils?

Oh, lordy, this is hard for someone who has been paid to cook. Garlic press? No? I use it for ginger tea in the morning and garlic in soups. So? Bread knife? So good for tomatoes and bread, but no. A 12″ chef’s knife? or just a paring knife and a pocket knife?

Dutch Oven?

I love cooking in a dutch oven. There just isn’t room in the truck kitchen box for it. So sad.

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