Kitchen Boxes

kitchen box

kitchen box #1

I am so proud of myself. The boxes are getting slimmer. This first box has a wok, coffee equipment, coffee, sugar, museli,  powdered milk, raisins, sliced almonds, bowls, plate, coffee mug, hot chocolate, tea, utensils, salt and pepper.

I decided on the wok instead of a cast iron fry pan and a sauce pan. I can cook soup in the wok. I can fry up eggs in the wok. Plus the normal stir fry. One item to do the work of two.

I have eliminated all of the spices. Just salt and pepper. One oil, olive, and one vinegar, apple cider. Still want Bragg’s, Old Bay and Texas Pete.

Now to reduce the other two boxes … and make a blue jean leg container for the kitchen utensils.

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