Minimalist Clothing Living in the Truck

Haas-Jordan Pro-Line Umbrella, Pine/Tan

Haas-Jordan Pro-Line Umbrella, Pine/Tan

Cold and/or Wet

Umbrella … for sun and rain

Hats … wool cap, baseball cap, rain/sun hat, ear muffs? (I hate wind in my ears)

Scarves … 1 small, 1 large

Rain gear … raincoat

Upper body … silk underwear shirt, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 2 tee shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 down vests

Pants … bluejeans. Yes I know how horrible the cotton is in the wet and/or cold.

Shoes … socks, rubber boots? or slip on rubber shoes?, hiking shoes


umbrella, hat, cotton scarf,  2 short sleeve shirts,  2 long sleeve cotton shirts, sandals, bluejeans (yes, I know how hot they are in summer), and I would love to add a very loose skirt (great in the summer) to the list. There are hot springs along they way, should I consider a swim suit for the first time in twenty years?



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