The Joys of Being on the Road

Pronghorn antelope

We stared at each other for quite a while.

Why Travel … well, so much?

  • The ultimate freedom of unstructured time.
  • The joy of being guided by whim and inclination.
  • The strength from being on edge.
  • Surprise
  • A natural living in the present

The ultimate freedom of unstructured time

Get up when you wake up. Sleep when you are sleepy. Eat when you are hungry. Spend 6 weeks on the Amazon. Take time to speak to the curious pronghorn antelope. Stay in one place until you move.

The joy of being guided by whim and inclination

Turn left down a strange street. Get on a bus before you know where it is going. Talk to the naked sadhu. Stay put. Move on. Eat there. Talk to the kids in the train station.

The strength from being on edge

Almost swept off a cliff into the ocean. Broken car and shade tree mechanics. Wild fluctuations of emotions. A lively edge running from the police in Nicaragua.


Extreme generosity. Turn a corner and see Machu Picchu. See a friend halfway around the globe. Learn a language. Listen to the street vendors. Taste fresh pomegranate juice in a subway station. Replace the header gasket.

A natural living in the present

The traveler is automatically in the present due to generalized unfamiliarity. The food is new. The electrical plug is different.  No long study or meditation needed. It is easy to be present while traveling.

That is why I am drawn to travel …. so much. How about you?

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