Alternative to a Truck Camper

Always there is the question of money.

There is a chance I will not have enough finances together for a truck and the outfitting of the truck at the end of my employment.  So, Greyhound is the alternative to a truck.  Latin America instead of Western USA National Parks. (USA is out because of high expenses for spending the night in somewhere other than the Greyhound station.)

The storage boxes will get squished into a backpack. I will wander in Latin America without a computer, without a phone, with no destination in mind.

No worries except for money. The $514/month will not translate well. There will be charges for bank fees, reducing my monthly income to $494. There is an exchange rate differential. That reduces it to $480. The cheapest hostel in Latin America is in Peru for $10/night for a bunk in a mixed dorm. That is cutting it  tight. But doable. Unfortunately the doable solution is all the way down in Peru.

And I will have to keep on traveling. Every 30 – 90 days into a new country. And traveling costs money. No country will want someone with so little money as a resident.  I have been looking on craigslist for a cheap apartment in Latin America. There are a few, but all of them would require some kind of personal transportation. The cheapest apartments  are twenty to thirty miles out of public transportation. A motorcycle would be great. But where would I find the money for a motorcycle? or the insurance? Or the gas?

If I cannot find a way to do Latin America or the truck camper I will have to settle for a succession of homeless shelters in the USA.

It comes down to the question of money.

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