Having Looked at the Toppers … Not

I  went to the biggest  topper dealer within 100 miles and saw nothing.

I walked in to the showroom with a camera, a measuring tape and a list of questions.

I first asked who could help me decide on a topper. He pointed to the woman, who was filing papers. I told her that I was going to be living in the bed of the truck. (My mistake #1) I then asked her  of  three  (Leer 180CC, Leer 122 and the DCC Commercial) which would be the most suitable. She opened her mouth to answer and he said,”122″. I saw her mouth beginning to move, heard the first words out of her mouth, and then he answered. This continued with each question.  My head almost swiveled off trying to follow the threads of my questions. The second question ,”Why ? I was leaning toward the DCC for the headroom.”, was met with the woman opening her mouth and the man, reading a catalog, saying “The commercial and the 180CC are commercial toppers. They’ll cost you $3,000.”

Phew. I have been in retail for 40 years. This was turning into a perfect example of  customer service that could use some tweaking. Thank goodness it was not my job, so I continued with questions.

I figured that money might be the problem (aside from the roughshod catalog reading man), so I asked to see the Livin’Lite trailer they had advertised on the web. They cost about $20,000 more that the topper and I lust after the idea of one. She opened her mouth to reply and he said, “All sold out.”

Here is another moment for customer relations awareness. (This could be a training film, no?)

I asked the woman if they had any toppers I could look at. She opened her mouth to reply and he said, “They are made to order in the factory.”

(The district manager in my head was saying “But I do have some great brochures I would like to show you.”)

The questions finally died out (Thickness of aluminum choices, weight of aluminum versus fiberglass, attaching things to the interior walls with headliner material, etc) with my head swiveling as I would ask her and turn to watch him reply.

She slid a piece of paper across the counter showing the price of the model 122 with my options.

I left. Weirded out a tad. Still not any closer to a real decisions.

Should I return and buy a topper from them?

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