Truck Camper or Backpack?

This truck camper quest seems to be about accumulating things. A truck. A topper. Tools. Water jugs. The right gear. Do I really want to do that?

The topper finder is not going smoothly.

Maybe all of this trying to fit my life into a truck needs to be reassessed. Maybe a backpack is the way to go. That used to be the way to go. I told this idea to a friend and she mentioned that the last time I did that was 35 years ago.

I was in terrible shape for that trip. Struggled hard the first few months, but came home after a year of hiking, very fit. 35 years later I am in much better shape. I walk fast for a half hour a day. I eat better and have lots of backpacking experience under my belt.

Maybe this not- smooth-topper-hunt is a “sign” from the universe that the path is different from what I first thought.

And we all know that everything can change in a heart beat.


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