If Not a Topper, Then a Trailer?

Cold/rain/wind/hail. Some days I am inside the topper for several days. I glance, enviously, at motor homes, trailers, pop-ups. Should I get something else?

A trailer?    My trailer has to have hard sides. Bears like soft sides. I camp in bear country. An ideal one, for me, would be the Aliner Ranger 12.

It folds down, can be loaded with options, and has good reviews. One good review, by default, is that there are so very few used ones for sale. One YouTuber traded his in. Roof got too heavy. I am getting older (imagine that). May have to go with something already all set up.

tab320 trailer

The cute thing above is a TAG Teardrop. It even has a shower and bathroom.

Alto Trailer

Then there is the fancy Alto from Canada. Some US distributors.

And there  is the Casita. And the Scamp.

But a trailer is one more thing to worry about. Insurance, licensing, theft, making it level so the propane fridge works, and dragging it behind into city traffic. And backing it up into tiny spaces. And not going onto some roads not knowing if I can turn around. Ugh. Too much worry for me. Too many years traveling with just a backpack.

Well how about a pop up? That like a backpack for the truck. These 4 Wheel pop ups are for people like us.

Fleet pop up Ranger 12

Starting at over $17,000 these are great, but … money.  Hmmm.

How about the bare bones approach? There is a company catering to the rodeo crowd. They are out of Texas and their Capri looks possible.

So, after thinking about it … I will stick with the truck and topper. Easy backing it up, easy unpacking and packing, easy going on very rough roads, already owned, titled and insured.

(* It has been 6 years since I wrote this post. Still happy with “just” a topper.)

camped in NM



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