If Not a Topper, Then a Trailer

This is the trailer I could almost live with trailering, instead of a topper.

Fleetwood/Coleman Evolution pop up trailer

Fleetwood/Coleman Evolution pop up trailer

Unfortunately they are no longer produced. The used ones get snapped up very fast. (I see them for a day or two on Craigslist.) They run around $9,000 for a used one in good shape. They are made for four wheel adventures, do not have extraneous stuff, and have a great reputation. They are tiny (10′), which helps with everything. They are light and nimble and rugged. They even have some in orange.

Then only negative would be the soft sides. I do like to camp in bear country. Soft sides not good. Maybe an A-Liner

The difference in comfort, over a topper, is enormous. So is the cost.

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