Thermos Cooking Test

Oh what a wonderful surprise!

The potato/tomato chicken soup with garlic, onions and Texas Pete. So good. So easy.

Start: 10am

First poured boiling water in the thermos and closed it up.

Then, in a 1 quart pot I fried up some onions, bell peppers, a cut up small potato and celery. Then added a tiny can of V8 and about a cup of water. Added smashed garlic, a splash of Bragg’s and Texas Pete, with a shake of freeze dried veggies. Brought it to a rolling boil. Emptied the thermos. Poured in the soup. Closed up everything and went on my way.

At 5 pm I opened the thermos and was disappointed.

The potatoes looked raw. One taste and I was sold. The potatoes were perfect. Having cooked so gently for so long they held their shape and were cooked perfectly. The soup was very hot and very tasty.
I will try more stuff and next time will include pictures. This time I just sat down and ate.

This thermos cooking is a great way to go while truck camping.  The key is to have a very good thermos.

**(After a few years the cleaning out of the thermos was way too expensive in terms of time and water. I gave up on this method.)

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