Commercial Cap


I have been toying with the idea of a commercial cap on the truck like “mom’s little run away“. It is tempting to have headroom, but without the rack on the top I would have to be very creative about the storage of gasoline and shovels and tarp poles, and fire wood, etc.

commercial capon pick up

Mom’s Little Run Away

I thought that Mom’s was a commercial top, but found that it was a Capri model 42. I have also thought about  the Capri camper.

Capri Sportsman Model

Capri Sportsman Model


Minimalist style. The ac is optional, as is the fridge, so that will fit in with my style. The cost is about $6,000. It is insulated, has a sink, a table, a cookstove, and a bed. The plain old Leer 122 will be about $2,500. Plus the roof rack for about $800. With the Capri I wouldn’t need some expenses for the Leer, like building a bed, having a roof rack, etc. But where would I put 5 extra gallons of gas?

I like the idea of the Capri. It is a company that has been building truck campers for the rodeo crowd since 1969. They get mixed reviews, but the majority of reviewers end up saying that you get what you pay for …. a very minimalist camper.

Still, too much money compared to the total cost of the plain old Leer 122. I have spent hours looking for a used Leer 122. No luck. All of the ones I could find were for 8′ beds, or a weird size.

I am going to have to decide soon. Not really. I still don’t have a truck!

Which should I go with? What do you think?

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