Coffee While Truck Camping

One suggestion was to use the Vietnamese Phin

Parts of the Vietnamese phin
Parts of the Vietnamese phin

How to make the coffee:

Have coarsely ground, dark roasted coffee and put some water on to boil.
Put the stainless steel thing labeled “filter” on top of your cup.
Put the “basket ” on top of the “filter”.
Put coffee in the bottom of the “basket”. (I use 2 scoops since I love strong coffee. It will take you a few cups to figure how much coffee to use.)
Put the “tamper” in the “basket”, on top of the coffee.
Spin the “tamper” around so that the coffee is evenly distributed.
Dribble a couple of tablespoons of boiling water into the “basket”, on top of the “tamper”.
Wait a few seconds for the grounds to bloom.
Pour boiling water into the  “basket”, on top of the “tamper”, filling the “basket” up.
Put the “lid” on top.

This is what it looks like assembled

Assembled phin
Assembled phin

In 2 minutes you will have a fine cup of coffee.

As much as I love this coffee there is no way that I would go to this much trouble. And the cleaning of all of the parts. And the keeping of all of the parts.

I still love my AeroPress. Easy to clean. Great coffee. To get fancier I could grind my own beans, but that ain’t happening either.

How do you make coffee while camping?

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