Kitchen Coming Together

I have been cooking-like-truck-camping for the past month.

Winnowing down the size of the kitchen, figuring out menus with no refrigeration and no oven, trading in round containers for square ones, measuring weight and volume and need.

Kitchen boxes

Box 1

 utensils, plates, cookware, dish towels, salt, pepper, sugar,  muesli, powdered milk, teas and coffee

Box 2

 condiments and food for lunches and/or dinners

Box 3

back up supplies and fresh fruit/vegetables and a bottle of Hungarian Tokaji

The blue pool noodle on top of the pickle bucket is the toilet. The noodle gets duct taped to the bucket.

During this winnowing period I have found

 salt and pepper are the only seasonings, with some Bragg’s and Texas Pete

mayonnaise yes, but can do without catsup or mustard

the Vietnamese phin is the way to make coffee

a cast iron fry pan and a 1 quart pot can make almost everything

instant mashed potatoes have many uses

TVP comes in bacon flavor (who knew …)

Peak powdered milk is terrific compared to Carnation.

dry cooked pork is disgusting.

an Agave Nectar bottle is a perfect container for maple syrup

Any ideas for me?

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