Reading for Free

I confess to a heavy reading habit. Buying books  on the proposed budget is out of the question. The kindle and the laptop are the source on the road. Of course I will need some kind of power source ….

Free Books

I am able to electronically download books for a two week read from the current local library … with my library card. The library has no idea that I am in Utah or New Mexico or right down the street. I just have to keep the library card up to date.

Free books are all over the internet. This site  (just english) has a huge selection of places to go for free books on a myriad of subjects. I love planetebook for their selection of classics.

Amazon has all kinds of free books. Some of them are really bad. Some are really good. You have to wade through a bunch of dreck. But it is reading. And sometimes touching to see the struggle of beginning writers.

Of course I could always write a book.

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