Safety Driving a Truckcamper

These are some commonsense tips for safety on the road.

from truckcampermagazine


!. know the exact height of the  truck camper rig including roof racks and anything on the roof.

2. Know the length of the truckcamper. Most parking spaces in the United States are between 18 and 20 feet deep.  The DOT standard is 19 feet.

3. Truck camper rig width is probably the least important dimension to know, but it’s still important.

4. Make a habit about walking around your rig and doing inspections

from rokguy at cheaprvliving

long chain, looped out from under the vehicle and back with a water bowl and chewed dogs bone always works a treat. (bigger the better) No ones going to approach to see where your imaginary dog is.

That last one sounds a bit extreme, and from someone with a passel of fear.
Can you think of any more safety hints?

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