Drinking Liquor


I seldom drink alcohol. A beer with burgers, a shooter of Hungarian Royal Tokaji on a cold night. But I have loved tequila in the past and thought that tequila may be the all round choice for traveling in a truck camper.

I drank tequila in the 60’s, and the market has expanded enormously since then. I have no idea what to buy. And I cannot afford the luxury of buying bottles just to see what I like. I could go into a bar and sequentially test a bunch of bartender recommended tequilas. I would stagger home.

Tequila talk: In speaking of tequila, experts will often claim that a blanco (un-aged) is the truest expression for the agave while the anejo (aged) acquires oak and increases sophisitication but at the cost of masking the very agave essence that makes tequila what it is. The key to picking out a good tequila is to check if it is 100% agave.

Decesions, decisions.

I found two sites that will help narrow down the selection. The first one led me to the next one.

drinks.seriouseats has a thorough review of affordable tequilas.  serious eats likes Tapatio the best for sipping. It should cost about $30.  Of course since I am presently living outside of Aspen, Colorado, the price for the Tapatio Anejo Tequila is listed for $40.99.

Now for the luxurious stuff that came from tequila.net . The editors picked “4 Copas Tequila Anejo” (tied with the blanco from 4 Copas) and the members picked “Tequila Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Anejo”. Both the 4 Copas and  the  Herradura can’t be found for pricing locally. (Found the Herradura in Algodones, Mexico for $249.00 US.)

I will keep these names if I want to buy a bottle. Do you have liquor in your traveling vehicle?

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