Boondocking how-tos

Boondocking Etiquette

Boondocking is camping in a motorized vehicle without water, electricity or sewer for free or close to it.

Most folks do this to save money on campgrounds. Some like the possible solitude.

This is what I am headed towards, solitude for free. 14 days of being by myself in nature before I am legally obligated to move.

Most boondockers have a set of etiquette rules.

No generators near people with solar, generators seldom as possible, realize that everyone is here for a different reason and don’t presume they want company, pack it out, camp as far away from others as possible, turn off outdoor lights at night, clean up after pets, rein in the children, no speeding ATVs around campers,  keep the site neat, use old campsites, etc.

Toyota Tacoma V6

Sometimes nothing for miles.

None of the rules seem onerous for me, as I am looking for the quiet solitude.

Mello Mike’s Truck Camper has some great hints about water and battery conservation.

What do you look for camping?

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