“Hydrogen Reactor Can Keep You Off The Grid “

I saw a blurb on a Brunton Hydrogen Reactor on OhGizmo.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Smaller abilities at this time than I would like to have. And pricier than I can afford. The reactor only gives 6 recharges of a phone before you have to add a new canister and  each refill costs $20.  How much more energy is needed to charge up the computer? (I should know the answer to that by now, but tune out so fast when I start reading watt or volt or whatever.)

How about hooking it up to a solar powered hydrogen generator? Ah … I found one:

hydrogen generator
This is a HYDROFILL – Desktop Hydrogen Refueling Station

“The Hydrofill is a “world-first” small-scale home hydrogen station that allows consumers or retailers/distributors to refill solid state canisters in a simple way, using water and electricity as only input. By adding water, and plugging the Hydrofill into an electrical wall-socket (or a solar panel), consumers can generate hydrogen and store it in a solid form automatically in HydroStik cartridges. Once full, the battery-like “solid-state” HydroStiks can be unplugged from the Hydrofill and placed into the MiniPak (or other fuel cell devices) to deliver power via a USB port.  DC power is enough to produce 3L of hydrogen per hour and fully fill one HydroStik every 4-6 hours.”

I guess it could be done. What fun to try!

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