Alternatives to Truck Camping

I have been thinking about the plan. You know. The one where I ride off into the sunset in a pickup truck with a shell. I keep telling myself that I have saved the USA the last place to travel since it is so easy and I speak the language. I have carefully worked out a budget to do it. I have planned every box of kitchen equipment. And I still am not sure.

I can rent an apartment in Mexico for $260/mo. Furnished. Electricity and water and wi-fi provided. Laundry in the building. An outdoor patio. That would leave me $254 for groceries and geegaws. Well, no. There are banking fees, for example. So, call it $200/month. That is doable. $100 for food, $100 for transportation and entertainment. I would have no phone, no insurance, no food stamps, no mail forwarding, no vehicle. And no way to get more money by working.  It would be stealthy (my preference) to just get on a plane a disappear. It is hard to do that with a truck.

The problems with living in a different country are many and scattered. Expiring visas, unknown laws, financial transactions. The problems in the USA are reduced to “Can I find a job at Wal-Mart?” and “Where’s the nearest soup kitchen?’

Am not comfortable with so many possessions  if I do the USA … truck, shell, table, bed, computer, etc, etc.  So many things to worry about … the battery life, flat tires, oil changing, truck and driver licensing, taxes, etc. All of these worries can be taken care of with money. Wal-Mart greeters are paid.

Still undecided.

How do you vote?

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