More Tool Ideas for Truck Camping

A fella by the name of Mello Mike does a helpful blog about truck camping. He invited a friend,
Jeff Reynolds (aka Jefe4x4), a few questions. Here is Jefe’s take on gear do he considers essential when going off-road.

  • A 20 foot, 4-inch nylon recovery strap with loop ends.
  • A short, 4-inch wide nylon tree saver with loop ends.
  • Four “D” rings: medium and large.
  • A ½ inch Cat Choker (logging).
  • A 5-inch hook with clevis.
  • A short piece of coiled ½ inch wire rope with clipped hooks.
  • A 20-pound CO2 bottle with hose/attachments for filling tires.
  • Four manual, screw-on tire deflators.
  • A snatch block.
  • Several, high quality tire gauges.
  • A small bag with tire repair parts like stems, valve cores, caps, and extensions.
  • The Safety Seal on-wheel tire repair kit. Comes with 50 glue-laden plugs that look like caterpillars.
  • A small, high quality, fold-up shovel.
  • A 12-ton bottle jack that will fit under an axle with either side’s tire flat.
  • A 4-foot breaker bar.
  • A few 10,000 lb. ratchet straps and some 1,000 lb ratchet straps. I’m always taken by how many ways these come in handy when all else fails. They’re kind of truck camper duct tape.
  • A 1-foot square jack board. (two ¾-inch pieces plywood glued and screwed together as a base.
  • A dozen leveling blocks to keep the ammonia transfer fridge happy.
  • A thin foam camping pad to lay or kneel on when working underneath or use when changing a tire in the mud or when installing chains on an icy day.
  • Enough tools, but not the kitchen sink.
  • I do not take a high lift jack. I have a 60-inch high lift and it’s very useful around the ranch and during rock crawling, but for it’s weight and bulk, it has very limited use with a camper on a truck. No rope or chain. The need for sand ladders or mats seems like a lack of floatation to me.

I don’t have any idea what some of these items are and I won’t be going that far off road, but he had me rethinking many of my previous necessities.

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