Rain/Snow/Heat Gear while Truck Camping

“Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.”

This quote comes from from the Tavels with a Blonde Coyote. She is so right. I have been fussing with spice containers and should have been looking out for rain gear and cold weather gear and sun hats.

I have two items on the “Truck Camper Luxury List” that may need to be moved onto the “Truck Camper Essentials List”. The first one is a pair of rubber boots. Tingley Mens 1400 Pull On Boots.Tingley Mens 1400 They get rave reviews on Amazon, are cost about the same as regular rubber boots, and can be stuffed into a small space. Having wet feet is not fun.

The other item on the luxury list that deals with weather is a huge, windproof golf umbrella. This can stay on the luxury list. I have a hat and a small umbrella.

I am pretty well set for cold weather since I have been living in the Rocky Mountains for the past 8 years,. I have long underwear, long sleeved cotton t-shirts (I know that cotton is not great, but I like it.), a great wool sweater, scarves, gloves, a down vest, and a rain coat. The rain coat is a pretty good wind protector, also. I have a pair of shorts, which I never wear but might on the road.

What more could I possibly want/need?

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