Toyota Tacoma 2006

The vehicle is decided. And she already has a name, “Mochila”. She is in great shape, has 40,000 miles, has some righteous dings and scratches, stops on a dime and can climb mountains. She gets about 19 miles/gallon. She has a tiny bed (hence the name “Mochila”, which means backpack in Spanish) and an extended cab. The cab area will be used for storage of something. I am now on the look out for a topper.

Toyota Tacoma V6

This is the vehicle. A Toyota Tacoma 2006, 4wd


Today it was cold and rainy. So I got to thinking about weather. Then I obsessed a tad and drew a map of average temperatures in the US. The orange is comfortable for me year round. The red is great in summer, the yellow is great in the winter. I didn’t factor in precipitation, which can skew the comfort level in a hurry. I do look at for a great visual indication of averages.

Average Temperatures January and July

Do you take rain into consideration when traveling?

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