Sleeping in the Back of the Truck

Tiny, cramped, awkward.

That is what people think, when they think of sleeping in the 73.5″ truck bed. I am 66″ tall. The bed will be 72″ long and 28″ wide. Now, what am I sleeping on … just plywood? Nope. Have some left over rubber matting and a cushy rug that just happens to be 27″ wide.

If I wanted to get fancy …

There is a “mattress” system called Froli. It gets rave reviews from the sailing world and is made for rvs and boats. It aids in air circulation, is light weight, and very comfortable. There are several different products. This “Travel” system would fit.froli Mattress

Looks great. The reviews are laudatory. The price is steep ($189 for the basic bed in a box). The leftover gym floor mat and the rug remnant are a better way to begin ‘frugalising’ my life. Aside from that, I can sleep anywhere.

What do you sleep on when you camp?

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