Ideal for Truck Camping

What is the ideal to truck camp in, for me?

One luxury solution is a “Caribou Lite” from Outfitter Manufacturing in Longmont, Colorado. Each one is custom built. So I don’t have to have a furnace or a 3-way refrigerator.  I have seen some images of highly customized ones. They are light and made for off road. I costed it out, just in case I won the lottery.

Caribou Lite truck camper


 cost  weight
base cost 15,520.00  850
options cost weight
Awning—8’ Side 825 40
awning 6′ rear Care Free 625 15
Solar Control Panel 355 0
95 watt Solar system 1,045 27
Additional Fantastic Fan 245 12
Basket, rack, ladder 395 12
3,490 106 subtotal of options
24 gallons fresh water 200 1 gallon=8.32487lbs
20 lb propane 20
326 weight of options, water and propane
totals of caribou and options 19, 010 1176 total without food or clothing
 1650 payload allowed
 474 lbs allowed for clothing and books and food

As much as this would work, it bothers the minimalist me. I am really liking “just a topper” the best.

What is your ideal set up?

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