Fresh Smelling Truck Camper

Grow some lemon!

Grow lemons

Slice open your lemon and choose a seed that looks completely full of life. Pop it into your mouth and suck on it until all the flesh is removed and the lemon flavour is gone. Do not allow the seed to dry out at any time. It needs to stay moist in order to germinate. I suggest keeping it in your mouth until you’re ready to plant.

Plant your seed! While it’s moist, plant your seed about 1/2″ below the soil level of damp potting soil. Cover it completely with soil and water well with a squirt bottle or gentle watering can.

Cover your container with breathable plastic to keep your seeds warm and moist. I used a piece of clear garbage bag with holes poked into it and a rubber band to securely hold it in place.

Place the container in a warm location and observe for the next few days. Keep in mind: your seed needs warmth and moisture in order to germinate. Don’t allow the potting soil to dry out completely. Also take caution that you don’t cook your seed in its little greenhouse. Too much heat and moisture could lead to a rotten seed! You’re aiming to achieve a nice balance, so if you feel like the soil is warm enough without the plastic then it’s probably safest to remove it.

In about two weeks you may notice a sprout emerging from the soil. Once it appears, remove the plastic (if it’s still on) and place  in a warm location with plenty of direct sunlight.

Helps everything to smell fresh and clean. That can be a great boon.

I neglected to get the link to this article. I found it months ago, then lost the link. Sorrry.

What do you use? Dryer sheets?

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