Confessions about Truck Camping


I am now more of a minimalist in terms of cooking on the road. This gradual/sudden change is due to dentures.  I just had all of my existing teeth removed and dentures fitted. Well, tastebuds change with dentures. Who knew? Salt and pepper is all I want. Weird.  Sandwiches are no longer a go to food. So new kitchen boxes have to be assembled.


Still sitting on the fence about fiberglass versus aluminum. Still can’t find a used anything within 200 miles. Do I want to be comfortable (tall aluminum), minimalist (black fiberglass topper), do I care?   I loved the old aluminum one. Maybe  junky aluminum might be the way to go. I confess that I am waffling. Ugh.


Then came an old pickup with an aluminum topper, living in Mexico and Costa Rica for several years. The most comfortable. The safest feeling. It was a horrible body with a brand new engine and low, low 4wd. I called her “The Big Blue Fart”. We went through jungles and cities with the greatest of ease.



I am not concerned with money. I have budgeted the trip and am satisfied that sticking with the budget will be great and easy. People think I am crazy on this point. I confess that I am excited about doing this part of the trip.


I confess that I am not concerned about my health. It is what it is.


I have traveled in some very scary, dicey places and have been treated kindly in all parts of the world. I confess that I am not concerned with safety as long as I am aware and trust my gut.

Do you have any camping confessions?

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