Staying Clean While Truck Camping

There are many levels to cleanliness while truck camping.

Personal cleansing

I am planning on taking a shower and washing clothes every fourteen days in a town or campground. Until then how do I manage? I cannot stand having greasy hair. I did learn in India how to bathe from a bucket (wet down with a scoop of water, soap up, rinse with another scoop or two), so the washing of body should not be a problem. I learned in Central America that no mater how muddy the river water is it will get your hair clean. I have mentally rationed 2.5 gallons per day in water consumption. So every other day I should have enough water to bathe.

Washing dishes

Washing dishes is something that needs to be done for health reasons … and general pickiness. I have found many hints on the internet about this use of precious water. The consensus is to use a spray bottle and as little soap as possible. I can do that.

Truck neatness

Keeping the truck neat is important for psychological reasons and LEOs. Police will be much more lenient if you don’t look trashy.  I will fuss with the arrangement of every box and bag and sleeping bag until the back of the truck looks utilitarian at least. The only thing I am missing is a story to tell the LEOs. Am I hunting for meteorites? Cataloging grasses?  The story will be important.

What I didn’t count on were the new dentures. They require water every day. Hmm. And muddy river water wont do.

What else did I forget?


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