Water Storage While Truck Camping

Plan: 14 days of water, at 2.5 gallons per day equals 35 gallons, plus 5 gallons emergency,  equals 40 gallons of water, which equals 320 pounds. Yikes! That is heavy. Where to store it so that it is accessible and in a good spot for the balance of the truck?

I had been planning to store the water in the bed of the truck, under the shelf by the cab. Not a good plan.

Truck Camper Hints Bed and shelves in truck bed
Bed and shelves in truck bed

Then I realized that the poop bucket, food and books would be better there. How about the water in the cab of the truck, behind the passenger’s seat?  And some behind driver’s seat? There is access (after all, this is a Toyota Tacoma with an access cab) and the weight distribution would be acceptable.

I have ended up with one 5 gallon water container behind the passenger seat. An old commercial milk box carries 4 one gallon screw top plastic water jugs. While traveling this sits in the aisle. When camping it goes under the open tailgate. 9 gallons does me for 14 days.

Of course, with this little water I am not squeaky clean, and that’s fine.

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