Mapping a Truck Camper Voyage

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx




A handheld GPS will be in the truck, thanks to Bill O.
It is stunningly wonderful. The instructions, however, are daunting. Learning to use it will be a wonderful entertainment factor/time occupier/goal setter.




Until  the Garmin is understood,  a collection of paper maps will be the guides.

A collection of maps for truck camping out west
As you can tell from the map selection, I will be heading out west, where there is lots of federally owned land.
On top of the manila envelope is a fresnel lens.  I now need magnification when looking for tiny forest service road numbers. It can also light a fire. (I am trying not to carry any single use items.)

There is a plethora of map resources online. I have posted  here, here, and  here for maps for federally owned lands. There is also an open source map that is lots of fun to play with.

What do you use while traveling nowadays?

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