Mochila the Truck Camper

Toyota Tacoma 2006


Mochila is a tiny truck in every way except ability. She has 4wd and has escaped from deep sand, rocky gullies, gravel mountain roads, 20″ of snow and interstate driving.

She is, however, modern.

That means I cannot fix the fuel filter, adjust the spark plug gaps, fix the head gasket or reinstall ball bearings in the wheels. I have done all of that in the past.  With Mochila I will have to depend on dealerships or luck or shade tree mechanics.

How long can I keep this modern truck happy?  Should I stick to the maintenance schedules that Toyota has published? And how much will it cost me to keep her healthy? The budget allows $300 per year.

One of the plusses of Mochila is that she is a Toyota. I am planning to get 200,00 miles. She has 50,000 miles at the start. Planning on driving 300 miles every 14 days, so that means I will have about 19 years if I take care of her. That is a good start.

Any hints on modern car maintenance ?

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