Meteorite Hunting while Truck Camping

I want to find a meteorite.

My thinking is that not all of the meteorite pieces  have been recovered from a specific spot. I found a wonderful site that has information on where, and when, and which kind of meteorite fell/crashed to earth. If I go to places where meteorites have been found I will find more.

This is an example of partial information about a meteorite find in Nevada:

Meteorite Locations

I have made meteorite maps (thanks to Google maps) of Nevada and Utah. Arizona is next. Then New Mexico. Then Texas? If I find a meteorite I will have to verify its authenticity before selling it.

Sell it for how much?
Depends on many variables. Meteorites are for sale from $.50 to $1,000.00 per gram. Maybe a way to entertain myself and make money simultaneously.
Do you hunt for gems or meteorites while camping?

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