Topper Decision

Leer 30" to 42"

Leer 30″ to 42″

This is the decision.

Add some windows. Get it in white. Done. (This image comes from the travels of an appalachian guttersnipe. Woops. This site has gone away.)
What it won’t have is a roof rack. Can one be put on the cab of the truck? Just big enough to hold a 4 gallon RotopaX RX-4G Gasoline Pack. And/or the spare tire. (I have images of crawling under the truck to dig out some space under the spare tire.)

Mom's Little Run Away

Mom’s Little Run Away

This image above comes from Mom’s Little Run Away.  She has a door on the back, but I am going for a hatch to cook on the tailgate.

I am so relieved to have made up my mind.

After 6 years of living in her I am still thrilled with the choice.

A.R.E. Topper in the Utah desert

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