Topper Refinement

Now that I have decided on  an aluminum commercial cap from A.R.E., the refinement process begins.

I found this image on expedition portal.

A.R.E. DCUOwner of this DCU says this:  “Anyway, the point is I absolutely love my ARE DCU. If you get one, go with the vertical sidewalls and the “radius” front, like I did. That way, you don’t lose any interior room from the slope/angle on the sidewalls.”

Sounds like good advice, but his cap is 30″. I want 36″ of headroom. The air drag would eat gas.  The other aluminum solution, the wedge, goes from 30″ to 36″ and would eat less gas.  I do like that the owner of the DCU above has an aluminum ladder rack on top of the cap. That is a plus for the gas eater. Storage for tarp and poles and shovel.

What is really holding me back on the roomier one is proportion/aesthetics. I like the looks of the wedge. I think that the 36″ straight sided one looks wrong. Silly way to make this decision.


What considerations should weigh the heaviest on this decision? 

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