“Are you camping in campgrounds?”
Not until I need a hot shower. I will be boondocking.

Boondocking ( a.k.a. “dry camping”) : the act of camping without any hookups.

No water. No electricity. No shower. No vault toilet. You are “docking” out in the boonies. Trees. Nature. Spectacular views. For free. You can do it by yourself or with friends .

In National Forests (190 million acres) and on BLM land (247.3 million acres) all of us can recreate.  We can’t live on the land, but we can hang out for 14 days in one spot. (There are different restrictions in each area.)
The etiquette rules are simple : If you bring it in with you, take it out with you.  Be aware … of weather, fire warnings, and the rules of the land you are on. If you have a generator park away from others. Try to camp where others have camped.

I can do all of that.

cropped-headertrilobyte2.jpgJust past that hill on the left is a spot I used for 4 days. Great trilobite hunting.


The camping spot here is just 400 yards to the left. Spent 4  days here and oogled the view and hunted for gems. Never saw anyone else.

Gem hunting area

The secret spot to camp in this photo  is just 1 mile behind you. In a wash with cottonwood trees. Another 4 day campout.

Now I will be able to stay 14 days.  For me this is living large on next to nothing. I posted some more info on boondocking here.

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