Truck Topper

Choosing a Truck Topper

Toyota Tacoma with carapace and basket

This was my  choice for a truck topper.  It is an A.R.E. topper that was “designed” by me.  The headroom was the deciding factor.  I wanted to sit upright on the bed at the tail end. The wedge shape was whimsey. Almost all windows have screens.  The one at the front doesn’t. For condensation prevention it is carpeted under the braces. It works. I have lived in toppers without.

Cindy Wynn trailer decor
I screwed metal brackets onto some of the braces. Then with carabiners I hang stuff from the ceiling. The painting on the ceiling is by Cindy Wynn.

Big Truck Camper Hint : Go to locksmith and have the key to the back of the topper be the same as your ignition key. You will thank me for this idea.

It has been 5 years since I started living in Lilith’s carapace (also called home or truck or  bed or back-of-truck). I am still happy with the topper choice.

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