Topper on the Way

I ordered the topper yesterday.

A.R.E. DCU 12.11.14

Sometime, after the first of the year, I will get a call from Rich at High Country Toppers to come to Gypsum to have the topper installed.
There is a 30″ to 36″ wedge  above the truck bed rails. There is enough room to sit on the bed at the back end. There is room on the passenger side ceiling for hanging bags or shelves or the tarp.
I still have lots of questions.

Can I glue Velcro tabs onto the exposed aluminum ribs to hang things?
How do I deal with deploying the tarp for shade and/or shelter?
How strong are the struts that hold up the hatch?
Do I need a pole to support the hatch when the tarp is deployed?
What I will need to put  on the corners of the hatch so they won’t rip the tarp?
Do I call it a topper? Or a cap? Or a shell? Or a carapace? Or home?

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