Interior Work on the Truck Camper Shell

This is the interior framework of the topper/shell/carapace that is on its way.

Carapace Interior for an A.R.E. DCU

How to attach things to aluminum?

1. “Commonly used in the automotive industry, foam-based trim tape, used sparingly, is resistant to moisture and UV, creating a secure and removable mounting solution”. Can be removed. (from ehow)
2. A truck driver in a van with a “Metal Fasteners” sign parked near me. I asked the driver what to use. He said epoxy. Permanent.
3. A site called wisegeek was great in talking about sanding, oxidation, glue types and glue pressure.

Those struts will get very hot and very cold and damp. Will either glue or trip tape work? Will Velcro be attachable to the acrylic cloth liner?


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