Too Many Books for Truck Camping?

Reading is my entertainment of choice.

Choosing which books to take is a delicious/heart rending series of decisions.

In the backpack years it was once the complete Henry James. Once a Scrabble dictionary. In cars and trucks it has been 4 volume sets (Durrell and the Raj Quartet).

For this trip it started out with maps.

A collection of maps for truck camping out west

Then came the first pile. Which morphed into two. Which is now ridiculous.  This is 1/2 of the fiction/nonfiction selection.Fiction And Nonfiction BooksNow I have started separating the books into subjects, and the next pile has to do with Zen and Adveta Vedanta.spirit booksThen I have the partially hidden if-there-is room book stack:Just in case there is room books

I have the other half of fiction/nonfiction and a bunch of spanish language instruction books.

I sorted through the stacks and did away with Play Poker Like the Pros by Phil Hellmuth, Jr. I can’t go lighter.

I confess to buying a book yesterday to add to the over stuffed milk crates. Hopeless.


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2 Responses to Too Many Books for Truck Camping?

  1. Eric says:

    Might I recommend an electronic book reader like kindle or nook or a tablet with the kindle app on it?

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    • Thanks for the suggestion, Eric. I have been in the retail end of books for 40 years and now cannot seem to switch to an electronic devise. I have a kindle. It gathers dust as I lug books around.


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