Truck Camping Concerns


I am not concerned with money. I have budgeted the trip and am satisfied that sticking within the budget will be a fun challenge. People think I am crazy on this point.  I am excited about achieving the budget part of the trip. Its a game.


I confess that I am not concerned about my health. It is what it is. I have been very ill in places where there are no doctors. I have always carried duct tape, super glue, Marlis’ homemade boo-boo goo, aspirin and bandaids. I am still alive.


I have traveled in some very scary, dicey places and have been treated kindly in all parts of the world. I confess that I am not concerned with my safety as long as I stay aware of my surroundings and trust my gut. Friends are appalled that I would consider traveling without a cell phone to call police/ambulance/friends. I have never travelled with a telephone. Why start now? Because it now exists?


Friends have asked about boredom. Huh? How can I be bored?  I will hike and read and rearrange the truck and hike and watch the sunrise and the sunset and the deer and the trees and the shadows in the desert and make coffee and read and hike and find meteorites and …. ad infinitum.

Water and Gas

I am most concerned that I will have enough water and gasoline. I will prep.


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4 Responses to Truck Camping Concerns

  1. "maggie' says:

    Would that I could be apart of your ‘caravan’. :)) Dreaming is good for the Spirit; Being our Dreams is ‘heaven’ on Earth. Knowing you are -about- living yours brightens mine.


  2. Marlis says:

    What a great attitude!!!

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