Good Ideas for Truck Camping Interior


Van Mod This  van modification image, on pinterest, caught my attention. It is a  very functional old van modification. I love the paper towels on the ceiling. I was planning on storing tarp poles and a shovel up there.

Great curtains. I have been thinking of rolling curtains up and fastening them with straps of velcro.

There are 4 window areas in the shell. The two  side windows are 62 1/2″ long, 16″ high. The tailgate window is 49″ by 13″. There is also a little widow by the cab and it is 42″ by 14″.

Why cover the windows?

1. Parked for the night in a Walmart parking lot … I don’t want to be kept up by parking lot lights, nor do I want people peeking in as I am reading at night.

2. Cold nights … the cold would drool through all of the single layer glass.

3. Heat … Strong sun coming in  would make the truck an oven. Need to selectively block the sun.

After 5 years I am satisfied with the casual approach. I can take them down in a minute. I can put them up in a minute. Curtains

A command strip , a caribiner and some rope. Easy peasy.

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5 Responses to Good Ideas for Truck Camping Interior

  1. Rosemary Q says:

    Very nice blog youu have here


  2. Ming says:

    my version 0.8 in window curtains = taping some curtain rods to the top of the window frames and using pieces of doubled Hefty bags that roll up and get tied to the curtain rod when not in use. The privacy and cutting out light so you can sleep are very good to have.

    Next, I plan to add bubble wrap for insulation while preserving light transmission.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I have given up on curtains and insulation. I go to bed at sunset and get up at dawn, so there doesn’t seem to be a need for curtains. I read with a headlamp as I am wrapped up in sleeping bags. The sleeping bags seem to be good enough for insulation. Easier to keep body warm than trying to warm up the back of the truck. Maybe I am too minimalist!


  3. Heavy insulated drapes would be great, but I am hoping not to be in cold enough weather to need them. If it gets cold I will drive south/lower. I will be shopping at the Thrift Store for all kinds of decorative, useful items, soon and will need your hunting abilities!


  4. Jane says:

    What about some heavy insulated drapes with black out from the Thrift Shop. You could cut them short but have them already almost custom made ? Donghia or Dior ? Of course, they won’t be felt but you could add the bubble pack to the back of them. Let me know. I love a hunt.


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