Trial Run of Fresh Veggies

I have been looking for ways to have fresh green veggies/herbs in the truck camper. I found help on the internet and from friends.

Green Onions

Grow Celery

The above images  come from a site called 17 apart.  A  site called  earth911  has a section called “garden with garbage”. They suggest romaine lettuce, carrot tops, ginger, garlic and other things.

Trial Veggie Growing
Trial Veggie Growing

The trial run in the house was more than successful.

The carrot tops are way too bitter for me, so no carrot tops in the truck. I loved the garlic shoots, celery and onions. The ginger would have taken about 4 months before harvest, so I didn’t do a trial run. I will save ginger for the truck/trip.

Next step is to figure out a shelf/container that will hold  jars (or plastic bags) of water with growing vegetables while driving on rough roads. Another cool project!

*This was written 5 years ago. I learned that the extreme differences in temperature and my own unwillingness to baby them unalived them all. Quickly.

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